Jordan Brown

Basketball is fun
Driving down the lane quickly
Slamming and jamming
Flash Fiction:
The boy is pondering on the park bench. He is thinking of the mysteries of life. The girl that tripped him at the playground keeps running through his mind. The boy looks up into the soul of the moon. The leaves are rustling around his feet. A cold swirl of breeze goes up his spine. He shivers and realizes where is my mother? He loses all sense of time, and starts to panic. His knees are shaking like a cold dead branch in the woods. In the distance there is a shadow moving slowly through the grass it stops and turns to look at him. The boy shrivels up and closes his eyes; all he wants is his mom. The wolf’s howls are piercing to his soul. It’s getting darker by the second. A cat sneaks up on the boy and brushes up against his leg. The boy jump and screams for his mom. The kid is screaming now running down the trail. He trips over a branch and falls into mud. The splashes goes over his whole body, he is drenched. His glasses fall and he is searching for them hurriedly. Thunder strikes and the ground starts shaking like an earthquake. Something is coming at him breaking and smashing everything in its path like a monster truck coming straight at you. The boy screams only to hear his mother’s voice. Michael come home. His mom lifts him into the carriage and they head off into the deep dark forest.
Dedication poem:
To Spencer
For always being there for me
Taking me away when troubles come
Humbling me when I’m on high
Talking laughing loving
Plastering me in fantasy football
For being my number one fan
Thanks for the memories

Rhythm Poem:
Football Game
Gang bang,
Scream dream,
Hawks fly together,
Team scheme,
Hit spit,
Tangle mangle,
Pain gain,
No crying in football
Cheers jeers,
Clap slap,
Run Gun,
Pass grass,
Catch latch,
This is why we play the game.
Life is very fun
Trials always come your way
Go after your dreams